EMP - Course Structure

Elementary Music Programme offers two phases: Pre-level and Levels. All courses are conducted in a small-class setting to maximise the attention each child receives in class. The basic contents of the curriculum are relevant in both phases, but become more extensive and detailed in terms of training on voice, ear, body-movements and the use of basic instruments.


Pre-level (1-2 years, accompanied by a parent / an adult)

The Pre-level phase targets children aged one to two, to be accompanied by a parent or an accompanying adult. The parameters of the phase not only allow children and parents / adults to communicate through music in a relaxed and inspiring environment, it also encourages toddlers to explore their natural sense of musicality. They will then perceive music as a precious part of their everyday lives.

Duration / session : 50 mins
Sessions / stage : 10
Stages / year : 3


Levels (3-6 years)

Courses of the Levels phase are suitable for children aged three to six, regardless of the stage (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced) of progress. Unlike the Pre-level phase, the Levels phase is designed with a focal highlight upon enriching students’ knowledge about music and upon developing the natural sense of musicality and forming a sense of musical interpretation among learners. A key feature of the VBCEMP is the multi-level-system which enables teachers to focus on both the individual needs of each student and the collaboration of the children during the lessons.

Basic: Exploration and acquirement of musical skills and knowledge
Intermediate: Distinction and expansion of musical skills and knowledge
Advanced: Independent usage and expansion of musical skills and knowledge

Duration / session: 50 mins
Sessions / stage: 10
Stages / year: 3


Reward Scheme

All students will be awarded the Certificate of Participation upon completion of a Pre-level or Levels programme. Students of Levels programme will be awarded the Certificate of Achievement according to individual performance. This assessment method, enabled by our small-group teaching strategy, is more fair and reliable in reflecting the actual learning progress of each student. 





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