Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy (VBCMA)

The Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy (VBCMA) is the official music academy of the Vienna Boys Choir (VBC) with its headquarters located in Hong Kong.



Established in 2011, VBCMA carries on with the pedagogical traditions of VBC as its foundation for music education. Over the years, VBCMA has formed its unique strategies and profile in developing cross-cultural and humanistic music education in Hong Kong.

VBCMA offers year-round academy music programmes for all ages and teaches a wide repertoire of songs in different languages. A sense of homecoming is always there in our selections of songs, as Viennese pieces remain to be a classical feature of our programmes. The Academy Concert Choir of VBCMA has been invited to perform at various regional and international events.


Our Vision

Music is no doubt an art form with a long history, but its diverse functions are far from monumental.

In recent years, we see the importance of music in daily lives and its benefits to the various aspects of human beings. VBCMA thus extended its programmes through reaching out to those who would need our support for furthering music education in their community or for musical engagements that suit their own purposes.


Our Work

As part of our greater scheme of community outreach and engagement, we are dedicated to tailor musical and educational training, workshops, classes and activities for teachers and students in Hong Kong.


VBCMA stands at the forefront of innovating new social values and benefits through music. We welcome creative collaborations to vitalise choral singing for engaging society in arts.

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