Jessica Tsang

Jessica Tsang is a passionate and experienced music and choral frontline educator. With a scholastic award, Tsang graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a Master of Arts in Music, focusing on Choral Pedagogy, Choral Literature and Conducting Practicum. Apart from her impressive talents in music, Tsang is an advanced French speaker with a bachelor’s degree in European Studies. VBCMA’s world repertoire celebrates selection of songs in diverse languages, such as German, English, African languages, Cantonese, Mandarin etc. Tsang’s language abilities enable her to further enrich our world repertoire with more songs in French, or with French cultural backgrounds.

As choral conductor, Tsang has ample experience in curating and teaching music programmes for elementary schools, as well as coaching school choirs, A cappella group and soloists for vocal and choral competitions and performances.

Dedicated towards promoting music and choral cultures in Hong Kong, Tsang is a frequent volunteering instructor to church choirs and community workshops or projects for children and the elderly. She developed unique approaches to engage her students of diverse age groups and singing experience. Tsang believes that everyone can find their unique singing voice under professional guidance and benefit from the cognitive and psychological enlightenment intrinsic to music.

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